10 Facts On Ballon Lady

Kelsey Onstott TikTok Age, Instagram and Bio: 10 Facts On Ballon Lady

Kelsey Onstott TikTok Age, Instagram and Bio: 10 Facts On Ballon Lady

Kelsey Onstott is a very popular TikTok star whom you have probably known after you saw her on For You section on your TikTok. Talking about her account, she has the username, @that_balloon_girl, and the number of followers on her account has now crossed 231 thousand. She is gaining an immense amount of popularity and Kelsey Onstott is well-known now as Balloon Lady

Name Kelsey Onstott
Age 30-40
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Former Accountant, Businesswoman, TikTok Star
Education PNG, Lamar University
Instagram @that_balloon_girl
Tiktok @that_balloon_girl
Twitter @KelseyOnstott

How old and tall is Kelsey Onstott? The truth is that we do not really know about her actual age as well as her actual height at the moment. However, we can definitely say that Kelsey Onstott is currently in her late twenties and is of average height. Where is she from? From her social media accounts’ bio, we have found that she is originally from Houston, Texas

10 Facts on Kelsey Onstott:

  1. Kelsey Onstott can definitely be found on Instagram. In fact, she has gained around 34.6 thousand followers on her official account where her username stands to be @that_balloon_girl.
  2. Although you have been learning Kelsey Onstott’s bio from this article, you can surely give a visit to her LinkedIn profile if you wish to know more about her. 
  3. Apart from TikTok and Instagram, we can find her on Twitter too but it doesn’t seem that she is so much popular on this social media site as she has gained just 11 followers until now.
  4. From all of her social media, we have known that she pets a dog.
  5. Moreover, the main reason she opened the balloon business is to make people happy with the help of balloons during any occasion including birthdays, weddings, baby showers, etc. 
  6. Previously, she used to work as an account service analyst for Kinder Morgan, Inc. 
  7. Also, she had worked as an accountant for Signal International from May 2012 until September 2013.
  8. Talking about her education, Kelsey had completed her high school education from PNG and later, she completed her Master of Science degree in Accounting from Lamar University
  9. When her followers wanted her to post the costs of the decoration she offered, there was a huge controversy as they believed that the prices were way too high. 
  10. Currently, we have nothing to speak regarding her family members. 

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