10 Facts On Tyra Banks Boyfriend Turned Fiance

Louis Bélanger-Martin Net Worth: What Does Tyra Banks Boyfriend Turned Fiance Do For Living?

Louis Bélanger-Martin Net Worth: What Does Tyra Banks Boyfriend Turned Fiance Do For Living?

American businesswoman, TV personality, singer, and actress Tyra Banks has a new man in life who could have a huge net worth. Well, her new boyfriend, Louis Belanger-Martin is a businessman and he certainly could have a huge net worth.

Name Louis Belanger-Martin
Age 45 years old
Gender Male
Nationality Canadian
Profession Businessman
Married/Single Dating
Wife Valerie Martin Scraire (ex.)
Children 1
Divorce Yes

So, when this pretty American singer cum author is not busy with her TV show Dancing with the Stars, she could be enjoying her time with her year-long boyfriend, Louis. There are rumors that Louis and Tyra are engaged. But the couple is yet to make it public.

10 Facts on Louis Belanger-Martin 

  1. Louis Belanger-Martin is a Canadian national who rose to fame as the boyfriend of Americain businesswoman, singer, author, actress, TV show host, Tyra Banks.
  2. Louis is also a businessman himself. Also, he is a leading figure in the in-flight entertainment industry back at this home in Canada.
  3. As a businessman and a pioneer in the in-flight entertainment industry, Louis must have a good net worth. However, the exact figure of his net worth and annual earnings are not public yet.
  4. Though his net worth is not public, he clearly has all the manes to make a good living.
  5. For now, his girlfriend Tyra Banks has a colossal net worth of $90 million. Her annual salary is estimated at $16 million.
  6. Both Tyra Banks and her boyfriend, Louis have their own kids from their separate relationships. While Tyra has never been married, Louis was.
  7. Louis shares a 13-year old son with his ex-wife, Valerie Martin Square. Tyra, on the other hand, has a four-year-old son named York Banks Asla whom she shares with her former fiance, Erik Alsa.
  8. Tyra Banks’s son York Banks lives in England now.
  9. Regarding Louis Martin’s age, he is 45 years old now. Meanwhile, the detail about his birthday is not public. Tyra is now 46 years old. She was born on December 4, 1973.
  10. He was born in Canada and his nationality is Canadian. While Tyrsa Banks is an American national.

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