35 Year Old Daniel Cauich Ethnicity: Who Is Daniel Cauich?

35 Year Old Daniel Cauich Ethnicity: Who Is Daniel Cauich?

35 Year Old Daniel Cauich Ethnicity: Who Is Daniel Cauich?

Who is Daniel Cauich? The 35-year-old man has been arrested for stabbing an elderly Asian woman. Everything on the case here!!

Mr. Cauich is a criminal based in the United States. The man is no new face for the cops in San Francisco.

He has already been to jail multiple times prior to his recent crime of stabbing an elderly Asian woman.

In fact, he stabbed the woman while he was awaiting a trial. Daniel even had an ankle monitor when he was released from prison recently. But he cut that off after stabbing the woman.

Who Is Daniel Cauich? 

Daniel Cauich is a criminal who recently attacked an elderly woman.

In fact, this is not Daniel’s first crime.

The man has been in prison prior to this as well.

As per San Francisco Chronicle, he was recently released on bail this month and was waiting for trial.

His previous arrest was in charge of burglary in May.

Also, it is said he was arrested 5 times for burglary last year.

Not only that but he also has a homicide charge from 2016.

His Ethnicity

Daniel Cauich’s ethnicity is unknown.

However, looking at his pictures he seems to be of Asian descent.

Similarly, Daniel Cauich’s age is 35 years recently.

Apart from this not much of his personal details are revealed.

Daniel Cauich Arrest: What Did He Do?

Daniel Cauich was arrested on Wednesday, 16th June 2021.

He was arrested for allegedly stabbing a 94-year-old Ann “Peng” Taylor.

Ann was on a morning walk when she was stabbed multiple times by Daniel.

According to Crime Online, the victim was stabbed through her wrist, has multiple wounds on her torso, and was also struck in the head.

The victim was immediately rushed to the hospital. 

Ann is reported to be recovering now and she also talked to the media.

The motive behind the crime is still unknown.

Moreover, Daniel was arrested after nearly 2 hours of the stabbing.

The matter was made known to the police by one of the crime witnesses.

As of now, Daniel Cauich is arrested with multiple charges including suspicion of attempted murder, elder abuse, committing a felony while on bail or release, and many more.

Furthermore, authorities are also trying to investigate the matter as a hate crime.

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