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Kolini Faagata

Kolini Faagata

Kolini Faagata is a famous reality star who is new to the industry.

She is widely known for her appearance in the famous show named “90-day Fiance” accompanied by her sister Kalini Faagata.

Name Kolini Faagata
Birthday 13th December 1991
Age 29
Gender female
Height 5 feet and 5 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity mixed
Profession Reality Star
Siblings Kalini Faagata
Net Worth 1 million dollars
Married/Single single


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I’m on a reality TV show about relationships. I’m not on a show that explores the ethnography of Sāmoa. It is not my obligation, nor Asuelu’s, to spoon-feed fa’asamoa to those with ethnocentric ideologies, who specifically watch the show for drama. Information about Sāmoa and fa’asamoa is readily available for anyone willing to look and learn. If people are incapable of entering a 5 letter word into a search engine, why would anyone care about their perceptions in the first place? Some of you are responding to these people by shitting on us, rather than enlightening them. If you’re truly upset about perceived misrepresentation, and not just bandwagon upset, why not tag informative pages like @samoatourism or @measinasamoa? Why not use those instances to share links to www.samoa.travel to let people see the beauty of Sāmoa and to read about our history and culture? Why not use that same energy towards the actual well-being of our people, instead of wasting it on seeking pālagi approval? Did you know you can feed a family in Sāmoa for $20 USD a month? Did you know that same organization, @browngirlwoke, also holds workshops for our girls to teach them about their periods and make the topic less taboo? Did you know that they are actively working to help our people break the cycle of domestic violence and abuse, amongst a laundry list of other things? Did you know that @svsg_be_the_change shelters our abused and neglected women and children? Did you know they have a program for the nofotane to empower them and learn to provide for themselves? Did you know it’s super easy to donate to both and you can choose any amount you’d like to give? (Both links are in my bio.😉) Being a faika is not more important than the generational growth and progress of our people. If y’all wanted the historically accurate portrayal of fa’asamoa from us, we’d be on National Geographic. (But, we too ratchet for that, and y’all wouldn’t watch that anyway.)😛 So, put your money where your mouth is and JUSS GEEV DEM DA MONEHH, DAS ALL I WAN! Screenshot your donations and I will post them to my story. 🤗💕

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10 Facts on Kolini Faagata

  1. Kolini Faagata celebrates her birthday on 13th December 1991, which means she is at the age of 29 years old as of now.
  2. The exact height and weight of this stunning girl have not been released yet, but she seems to be a decent height of around 5 feet and 5 inches tall. She also appears to have a moderate weight.
  3. Besides being a very famous reality star, she also owns a photography studio. Her brand endorsements are yet not disclosed, but her estimated net worth is around 1 million dollars.
  4. Kolini Faagata’s dating life has not been discussed right now. She has not mentioned any boyfriends or anything at all from her dating life.
  5. She does have one nephew who is the child of her sister Kalini, but she does not have ani children as of now.
  6. Kolini Faagata owns a very famous Instagram account and is active on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat as well. She has around 10 thousand followers in each one of them.
  7. Besides her photography passion, she is also a great enthusiast in paintings and sketches. In her free time, Kolini also likes to read and travel.
  8. Kolini Faagata appears to represent a mixed ethnicity. However, the names, as well as her parent’s race, has not been revealed yet.
  9. She does not own a Wikipedia or IMDB page right now. But her career has been reaching new heights, and she will make it one day.
  10. Although she is a reality star, many of her private life information is not disclosed, and Kolini Faagata likes to separate her work and home as much as she can.

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