A New TikTok House Members, Owners and Location Explained

Clubhouse Next: A New TikTok House Members, Owners and Location Explained
Clubhouse Next: A New TikTok House Members, Owners and Location Explained

ClubHouse Next is a sister house of “ClubHouse” – the TikTok mansion where a bunch of content creators live together. The clubHouse was founded by Daisy Keech and it became very popular. Following the success of that house, a new house is gearing up to be a home for TikTokers – ClubHouse Next.

We have seen the trend of TikTokers living together in a polished mansion making content with their friends. Hype House was one of the most popular ones and now we got Clubhouse and finally ClubHouse Next.

What Is Clubhouse Next, Is This A New TikTok House?

Clubhouse Next is one of the TikTok groups who share a living space together and they make content with each other as well.

The friendship they find is what keeps the videos they make really funny and make people want to see them more and more. Let’s get to know more about Clubhouse Next then.

Who Are The Members Of Clubhouse Next?

The members of Clubhouse Next are

  • Jessica Belkin
  • Michelle Wozniak
  • Rad Shogo
  • Dylan Shogo
  • and Ahlyssa Marie

These group of creators has great energy and that makes for a really energetic and wonderful vibe.

As seen on their Instagram page, this is one of the days in their lives- just having fun with balloons and posing for a quick picture. Sometimes they feature other Tiktokers on their videos as well.


this is why we can’t have nice things michelle @jadenbarba @michellewozniak

♬ Bitch From Da Souf – Mulatto

This is the typical type of content made by the group. They are all good at dancing and typically make lip-sync videos.

Owner of ClubHouse Next

We can’t say with absolute certainty who owns the mansion legally but we know the managers of the group. Ahlyssa Marie is the manager of their mansion in LA and Jay Laurent- the coordinator of the Clubhouse is also involved in this.

Location Of Clubhouse Next

Clubhouse Next has their mansion in Beverly Hills, California but there are new ideas for the location s well. The clubhouse Explore is a new program they are trying to introduce formally and we don’t know what they will be doing.

However, it has been speculated that Clubhouse Explore is going to a roaming travel house in exotic places such as Hawaii, Bali, Tulum for 3 to 4 months at a time.

Bio Of Clubhouse Next Members

Rad And Dylan Shogo

These twin brothers emulate the energy of Dolan twins and people are loving it. They have found a bit younger audiences for Clubhouse Next as compared to Clubhouse and these teenage boys are very helpful for that.

Ahlyssa Marie

Ahlyssa is the manager of the house and she was seen giving a house tour of the gang on Youtube. People really seem to like her and the bond she has with all the other members is cute.

We don’t have lots of other information about her. I am sure she is continuing her education but we can’t share any details regarding her personal lives.

Jessica Belkin

Jessica Belkin is another gorgeous girl from this TikTok group. The pictures she shares on Instagram always gets lots of comments where people call her “cutie and beautiful” and other sweet things. She is one of the most beautiful members of the group.

Michelle Wozniak

Michelle Wozniak is another teenage girl who is in this mansion and makes the videos along with other members of the house. Judging from the YouTube video they made, they all have a great relationship with each other.

They all seem to have very high energy and that’s no surprise considering they are all just teenagers. They share a wonderful bond and make cool videos on their TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. They are going to be featured on lots more videos in the coming days.

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