Aaliyah Ramirez Indiana Parents Family And Update: Was She Found?

What Happened To Aaliyah Ramirez? Know Her Parents And Update

What Happened To Aaliyah Ramirez? Know Her Parents And Update

Aaliyah Ramirez’s parents are pleading for a safe return of her as she vanished on the 27th day of April 2021. Read the article below to know an update about Aaliyah’s case.

Ramirez is a young girl from the United States of America who is all over the internet and news media after she got disappearned. It’s been almost a month but she has not been found yet. And the more sad thing is there is no clue on where she is, and whether she is safe or not.

The investigation and search for Aaliyah are going on and there is a high chance of her being in peril. Her parents and family members are having a really hard time as there is no explanation for this incident.

Aaliyah Ramirez Parents

Aaliyah Ramirez was born to her parents, her father Anthony Ramirez, and her mother Ashil Aspy

Her parents found out that she was missing after her school informed her father that she didn’t come to the school that day. As per the reports, she vanished from the neighborhood in Syracuse, Indiana.

Aaliyah Ramirez Age

As of 2021, Aaliyah Ramirez is 14 years of age.

She is from Syracuse, Indiana, and is an American by nationality. She was last seen on April 21, 2021, at around 8 am.

Ramirez doesn’t have a Wikipedia. However, many sources on the internet have shared the news of her missing will all the necessary information to identify her.

Aaliyah stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches tall and her body weight is 138 lbs. Other body measurements of her are not available. On the day she disappeared, she was wearing purple Nike Shoes, white and grey sweatpants, and a black jacket with a zip. 

Aaliyah Ramirez Instagram

You can find Aaliyah Ramirez on Instagram @aaliyah_marie_6. 

Her Instagram handle has 2k followers. In the last post on her Instagram, her boyfriend has posted pictures, where he has written that she has run away from her father’s house. In addition, he has also mentioned that her father is a drug addict and has abused many people.

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