Abdelhak Nouri Salary, Net Worth, Parents, Girlfriend, Age, Height

Abdelhak Nouri

Abdelhak Nouri

Abdelhak Nouri was a famous professional Dutch football player. He played as a midfielder for the gaint and one of the biggest dutch club Ajax. Despite being one of the youngest and most promising players he was sadly affected by his health as he suffered from Cardiac arrest in 2017 which left his brain permanently damaged that affected and changed his life forever.

He started his professional career when he joined the Ajax youth team in 2005 when he was just 8 years old and since then he has been an exceptional player but sudden tragic changed all his life and his professional career. Nouri’s closed friend and teammate of Ajax Van Der Beek even promised to wear his jersey number in his new team as a tribute to his close friend

Name Abdelhak Nouri
Birthday April 2
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 7 inches
Nationality Dutch
Profession Footballer
Parents Mohammed Nouri
Married/Single Single
Instagram @abdelhak_nouri

10 Facts on Abdelhak Nouri:

  1. Abdelhak Nouri was born on April 2, 1997, in Amsterdam, Netherland.
  2. His age as of 2020 is just 23 years old and was one of the brightest future of the national team.
  3. Abdelhak Nouri’s salary at the club in 2017 was around 4.5 million pounds and he had been getting his salary despite him being in a coma.
  4. His net worth as of 2020 is more than 10 million dollars.
  5. He is the son of Mohammed Nouri meanwhile he hasn’t mentioned much about his mother and his parents as he has been secretive about his family members.
  6. Nouri is currently single and doesn’t have a girlfriend yet and was just focused on his career.
  7. His height is approximately 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is about 1.70m.
  8. Abdelhak Nouri is a footballer who suffered from a cardiac arrest in a 2017 friendly game and was almost 36 months in a coma with his permanent brain damage.
  9. He has his own Instagram account @abdelhak_nouri where he has more than 654k followers.
  10. Despite not playing football for almost 3 years, he was still paid by his club which was a wonderful gesture by the team and the club.

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