Abuse Survivor Age And Family Details

Who is Abuse Survivor Ian Ackley? Know His Wife And Family

Who is Abuse Survivor Ian Ackley? Know His Wife And Family

Ian Ackley is searched on Wikipedia to know everything about his story, which we have revealed here.

Well-known as an athlete, Ian Ackley’s career has been hugely affected after being sexually attacked by his own coach. Although we have come to know that he is a footballer, we have no idea about how his career is going.

Is Ian Ackley On Wikipedia?

Actually, Ian Ackley is not available on Wikipedia. Instead, we can read his bio on Twitter.

Previously, he used to use the account under the username of @IAckley. On January 17, 2017, Ian revealed that he was no longer using the account and had opened a new account which is still run under the username of @ianackley.

Ian Ackley Wife: Is He Married?

Ian Ackley’s wife’s details are not known to us. In fact, he has not spoken to the media regarding his married life.

So, we are still unable to know if he is married or not. That’s the reason why we are unknown if he has any children. Moreover, we have nothing to share about his relationship history.

Abuse Survivor Ackley: What Happened To Him?

Ian Ackley is an abuse survivor who is reported to have been raped multiple times by his coach, Barry Bennell. Sky Sports has described him as a pedophile.

Currently, Ian serves in the Survivors of Abuse Service introduced by PFA and the FA. Currently, he resides in London, England, United Kingdom.

His Age Revealed

In 2021, Ian Ackley’s age is revealed as 50 years. However, we are unsure about his birthday.

We had come to know that he was sexually abused from 1979 to 1983 when he was just an amateur footballer. In fact, he was just 9 years old when he was first recruited to play under Barry Bennell.

Ackley Family Details

Well, Ian Ackley is yet to introduce his family to the world. Hopefully, we will know his parents and siblings very soon.

As of the 2021 update, he has been helping other ex-footballers who have faced such abuses.

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