Actress Who Plays Young Lydia In Thunder Force?

Who Is Vivian Falcone? Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Vivian Falcone? Everything You Need To Know

People are curious to know about Vivian Falcone age after she played the role of Young Lydia in Thunder Force. Stick together to gather eminent actress information.

Vivian Falcone is an American young actress who is widely known as a celebrity daughter of the renowned actress in the world of the movie Melissa McCarthy.

Prior to that, Vivian has also echoed her name through her outstanding roles in “The Boss” and “Thunder Force.” She was exposed to the spotlight since her birth being the daughter of an actress and filmmaker.

Vivian Falcone Age Uncovered

Vivian Falcone age is 13 years old as of now.

As a matter of fact, Vivian was born on 5th August 2007, which makes her Sun sign Leo. With her date of birth, she is still in her teens.

Despite being too young, Vivian has already ruled places in the audience’s heart with her jaw-dropping roles in the American movie industry.

Vivian Falcone Wiki

Vivian Falcone Wiki page is still under the shadow.

Despite not seen on the Wikipedia page, we can already find Vivian Falcone being embraced on the official page of IMDb.

In addition to that, we can perceive Vivian’s information through several authentic Web portals.

Who are Vivian Parents?

Vivian Falcone was born to her parents, her father Ben Falcone, and her mother, Melissa McCarthy.

Well, her father is quite a well-known filmmaker in the American movie industry. And, her mother is an eminent actress who is known for her exceptional roles in movies and TV series.

Moreover, Vivian has a sibling named Georgette Falcone.

Who Plays Young Lydia In Thunder Force?

Vivian Falcone plays Young Lydia in her father’s Action-Adventure movie Thunder Force.

She plays quite a good role of Young Lydia in Thunder Force. She has made a mesmerizing appearance in the movie, which has 4.4 IMDb ratings. 

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