Adam Toledo Mother And Parents

Elizabeth Toledo from Chicago uploaded pictures of her son on her Facebook account. Stay with the article to find out more about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Toledo is the mother of Adam Toledo, who was shot on March 29 by the Chicago Police. Elizabeth asked for the video of her son’s shooting to find out the truth about what happened to Adam.

According to the family lawyer, Elizabeth said that Adam still played with Legos and Hot Wheels and has no criminal records. The Chicago police told her nothing about how Adam passed away.

Elizabeth Toledo Chicago Facebook

Elizabeth Toledo lives in Chicago and often uploads pictures of her family on Facebook.

Toledo is heartbroken about the death of her son.

The details about Elizabeth’s husband are private.

Elizabeth’s age might be around the mid-40s.

Elizabeth Toledo is not yet on Wikipedia, but one can read about Elizabeth in recent news articles.

Adam Toledo Mother And Parents

Adam Toledo lived with his mother and family in Chicago, Illinois.

Adam lived with his mother, two siblings, and his grandfather. Toledo had four siblings from the age range of 11 to 24 years, reports WBEZ Chicago.

He was reported missing on March 26, 2021, by his mother Elizabeth Toledo. Toledo was a 13-year old student at the Gary Elementary School in the seventh grade. 

Further information about Adam Toledo’s parents is not disclosed to the media.

Adam Toledo Death: How Did He Die?

Adam Toledo passed away on March 29, 2021, after being shot by police officers.

Adam was killed by police officers and the viral shooting video was released by Illinois officials, reports The Sun.

The family lawyer revealed that Adam’s footage was immensely difficult and heartbreaking for the entire family. On the death of death, Adam was with Ruben Roman, a 21-year-old man. 

Adam Toledo’s family released a statement to thank all the members of the Latino community for conducting a peaceful protest for justice. They believe that Toledo’s memory shall be honored by holding back from violence and improving to work constructively.

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