Adrian Baena Age, Bachelorette, Job, Instagram, Brother, Ethnicity

Adrian Baena Age, Bachelorette, Job, Instagram: Facts To Know About

Adrian Baena Age, Bachelorette, Job, Instagram: Facts To Know About

Adrian Baena is an Australian reality TV star. He is best known for appearing in the popular Australian reality tv show, The Bachelorette. The show airs on Channel 10. Adrian’s appearance in “The Bachelorette” is the first one on television and the guy has made quite far in the show. 

Moreover, Adrian Baena has been pretty close to the show’s queen, Becky Miles. Fans spotted a lot of chemistry between them lately and also predicted that the Kitesurfing trainer would win the show. But recent news at Dailymail has revealed that Adrian doesn’t win the show. There was a leaked video showing disappointment from Adrian. The trainer didn’t seem to prefer to hang around during the initial days of the show but he made a good connection with Miles along the way. However, the leaked news suggests that he won’t be winning. 

Name Adrian Baena
Age 26 years
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Profession Reality TV Star
Married/Single Single
Instagram @adrianbeanzz

10 Facts on Adrian Baena

  1. Adrian Baena is an Australian reality tv star known for his appearance in the show, The Bachelorette. 
  2. Moreover, Adrian’s age is currently 26 years old. 
  3. Adrian Baena has appeared in the sixth season of “The Bachelorette.” It is his first on-screen appearance. 
  4. As for his job, Adrian works as a Kitesurfing Trainer. He loves Kites, alright. 
  5. Moving on, the guy is present on Instagram as well. He has accumulated more than 3000 followers after his introduction to the show. 
  6. Adrian’s brother is also a popular figure in the show after he grilled Becky. His name is Jayden. 
  7. Moreover, he is Australian by nationality. His ethnicity, as well, is a native Australian. 
  8. Talking about his parents, his mother has made a few comments on the show. 
  9. However, Baena doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography yet which is understandable as he is not a prime TV figure yet. 
  10. Adrian Baena went to become the runner-up of the Bachelorette. He seemed to be in love with Becky though. 

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