Aeriel Garcia Age, Is She And Gabbi Garcia Related?

Scandal: Aeriel Garcia Age, Is She And Gabbi Garcia Related?

Scandal: Aeriel Garcia Age, Is She And Gabbi Garcia Related?

Aeriel Garcia is a famous Filipino social media star whose age could be 21. Is there any scandal around? Find out in this article.

Aeriel Garcia is widely popular on social media. She has a massive fan following on Instagram. Besides being a social media influencer, she is also a model and actress.

Learn about Scandal: Aeriel Garcia

There is no known scandal around Aeriel Garcia. 

Let’s learn more about Aeriel. Her full name is Aeriel Anne Garcia. She is a Filipino social media influencer, model, and actress. 

She has been in a relationship with a Filipino actor Patrick Sugui. They got engaged after being in a relationship for two years. The two of them are happy together and enjoy being with each other.

Regarding her family, there are no details on her parents but we know that she has eight siblings. Two of them are Binan and Laguna. 

Interestingly, she also loves playing games. At a young age, she used to play games at computer shops. She also worked at one for financial support. She mostly loves playing PUBG.

Apart from working at a computer shop, she was also constantly looking for modeling gigs and projects. She dreamed of becoming an artist. She wanted to be an actress someday in her life.

Aeriel went to college to study Business Administration but dropped out in the second year. She continued playing games, but she also pursued her dream of becoming an artist. With that notion, she moved to Makati to live with her aunt. 

But eventually, she became a full-time streamer and influencer. Alongside, she also continued doing modeling gigs.

She did make it into the film sector. Aeriel and her partner, Patrick, starred together in a film named, Almusal.

Aeriel Garcia Age

Aeriel Garcia’s age is currently 21.

Her birthday is in September. The social media star’s birthday is just two months away.

Is Aeriel Garcia And Gabbi Garcia Related?

Who is Gabbi Garcia? Gabbi is a 22 years old, Filipino actress and recording artist. She is currently an artist on the GMA Network.

It seems like Aeriel and Gabbi are close friends. They share photos of them on social media.

But we do not have the information on whether the two ladies are related at all.

Meet Aeriel Garcia On Instagram

Garcia is on Instagram with the username @aeriel.

She has got 597k Instagram followers. Similarly, she is also on Facebook with 427k followers. 

Aeriel is mostly famous on TikTok. She has 368.6k TikTok fans. Her TikTok videos have 1.5 million likes.

She is living the life she has dreamt.

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