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Who Is Abygail Reade From 16 and Pregnant?

Who Is Abygail Reade From 16 and Pregnant?

Abygail Reade is the new fan favourite at 16 & Pregnant. You will be quite surprised to know her pregnancy story. 

It is quite hard having a baby itself, imagine having a baby when you are just 16 years old. The MTV show 16 & Pregnant really shows what happens in the life of a teen mom. Similarly, Abygail Reade is a new cast of the reality show. 

Abygail Reade from 16 & Pregnant: Get to know her Age

Abygail Reade features on 16 & Pregnant season 6.

Unlike other teen moms, Abygail Reade has a unique story. In spite of being very careful, Abygail Reade welcomed her baby just after a year she completed high school. The main reason was a failed IUD contraceptive. 

Abygail Reade age is 17 years old.

She is a native of Pahrump, Nevada. Reade was raised by her single parents, Paige. On the other hand, her father passed away when she was just 5 years old. Furthermore, she lives in Henderson, Nevada now. 

Meet Abygail Baby and Boyfriend

Abygail Reade baby is Ava Rose Castro.

The teen mom was extremely shocked and broken when she found out about her pregnancy. However, everything changed once she gave birth to her daughter. Similarly, little Ava was finally born on Jan 17, 2021. 

Abygail Reade boyfriend is Adrian Castro

Adrian a caring father and is very supportive of his daughter’s mother. He is older than Abygail in age and is employed as an electrician. Likewise, he supports Abygail’s as she attends the University of Las Vegas. 

Her Instagram Bio

You can follow Abygail Reade on Instagram as

She is already popular on the social site with 3.6k followers. Likewise, Reade also actively uploads on youtube via her account Abygail Reade. Furthermore, her channel over 100 subscribers now. 

Abygail Reade’s net worth must yield a decent salary of 2021. Apart from TV, Abygail Reade job includes being an ambassador for Sand Cloud. Furthermore, she is a honors graduate from her high school.

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