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Sophie Long

Sophie Long

Sophie Long is a 9 years-old texas girl who was abuse by her own father. She was sexually abused by her father and when she opened up about this to her mother and her grandmother, they weren’t ready to accept that. She mentioned that her mother was the main reason for her abuse.

Sophie Long even used body cameras to make everyone believed that she was a victim. After her video was out, everyone started to support her. And then her mother and her father were arrested. She really suffered in this age.

Name Sophie Long
Birthday 2001
Age 9
Gender female
Height 4 feet 1 inches
Weight 21-25kg
Nationality American
Ethnicity white
Married/Single Single


10 Facts on Sophie Long:

  1. Sophie Long was born in 2011 but she has not mentioned her exact place of birth.
  2. At the present time, she is 9 years old girl but she looks younger than her exact age.
  3. Her height is 4 feet 1 inch tall and she weighs around 21-25 kg but she has not mentioned her exact body measurements.
  4. Sophie Long was a Black eye but after the investigation, she proofed herself right.
  5. She mentioned that she sexually abused by her own dad, when she revealed this to her mother and her grandmother, they denied believing her. She was just 9 years old when this incident happen.
  6. Her Stepmother also created a GoFundMe on the 21st of August and she unveiled that it reached $150000 on the 1st of September.
  7. After the video was out, everyone got the proof and after that, she started getting support from many people, even her stepmother was in support of her.
  8. After the video was out, her mother and her father were arrested by the police.
  9. She faced a lot of difficulties in her life during her childhood. Her videos are available on Youtube.
  10. Sophie is not so available on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. She is not active on any of this.

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