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Libby Ruge Wollongong Crash: 10 Facts On Actress

Libby Ruge Wollongong Crash: 10 Facts On Actress

Libby Ruge was a young and aspiring actress who had been very focused on her career. On November 7, 2020, Libby Ruge died after being hit by a car and was propelled several meters ahead after the Wollongong Crash. Her family and close friends are devasted with the news and have now flooded her pictures on the internet. 

Name Libby Ruge
Age 19 years (died on November 7, 2020)
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession Actress
Married/Single Was in a relationship with Luke
Instagram @libbyruge

According to police reports, she had serious head injuries and along with her, two of her friends also suffered a lot of injuries including bone fractures. The car driver has been arrested already and reports from Daily Mail suggest that he is now charged with crimes including dangerous driving. Further reports are yet to be known, until then find out who this beautiful soul was from the 10 facts below.

10 Facts on Libby Ruge:

  1. Although Libby Ruge was a rising actress, we have not yet found her IMDb profile and we do not actually know in which movies she had appeared in.
  2. The drivers who were responsible for her death are an 18-years-old man and a 21-years-old man who has been taken to the same hospital with Libby for testing. 
  3. Moving on to her age, Libby Ruge was just 19 years old when she lost her life. 
  4. Furthermore, we do not know where she had been attending college. 
  5. Moreover, the sad part is that Libby Ruge had a boyfriend named Luke who is devastated by the news of her death. 
  6. Talking about her nationality, she was from Sydney, Australia, and thus, she was an Australian. 
  7. Currently, we do not have adequate information about Libby Ruge’s parents but we are working hard to fetch their information very soon. We hope her family gets justice. 
  8. In addition to that, we remain unknown about her height, weight, and body measurement before the time of her death. 
  9. Moving on to Libby Ruge’s Instagram profile, her account is still active and there are around 2.4 thousand followers present. 
  10. Although there are no sites where you can find Libby Ruge’s bio, we hope you got to know who she was after reading all these 10 facts. 

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