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DarksydePhil Twitch Age: Why Was He Banned? Details Inside

DarksydePhil Twitch Age: Why Was He Banned? Details Inside

DarksydePhil banned Twitch account was reopened just after hours. What Happened? Lets learn more about him.

DarksydePhil is an American Twitch streamer. He is a gaming YouTuber known for various controversies.

DarksydePhil Banned Twitch

Twitch banned DarksydePhil on May 15.

Twitch said they had banned the streamer for ‘hateful conduct.’ DSP clearly denied the accusations with his Twitter post. He said Twitch did not know what they were doing.

The suspension was made for a week. But Twitch overturned the decision just in some hours. Twitch admitted the ban was a mistake on their part. In fact, Phil had appealed the suspension.

Also, he wanted the issue to be fixed as soon as possible.

DarksydePhil is no new to bans from Twitch. He was banned last year for an undisclosed reason. He was known for making and defending racist jokes. Also, he used to take criticisms personally.

DarksydePhil received a ban from Twitch in 2018 too. Phil says Twitch had communicated with him after that ban at that time. 

After the ban was overturned, Phil said he will now stream on YouTube. Also, he revealed he is working on setting up a YouTube streaming channel. Notably, he had lost his partnership with Twitch months ago.

DarksydePhil Age: How Old is He?

DarksydePhil’s age is 39 years old.

His real name is Philip Paul “Phil” Burnell. Also, he has his birthday celebrations on the 6th of April each year.

Phil was raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He had joined a catholic school, Saint Ambrose School. Later, he attended Fairfield University. Actually, he has a bachelor’s degree in finance.

Phil had participated in several gaming tournaments around the end of the 90s and all of the 2000s. Notably, he came 4th in the 2005 EVO Tournament for Super Street Fighter II Turbo. 

Besides, he has been suffering from a serious back injury since 2007. 

Does He Have a Girlfriend?

DarksydePhil does have a wife who was his girlfriend.

He married his girlfriend-turned-wife named Kat in April 2019. The two had been dating for a couple of years before they married.

Besides, he had a girlfriend named Leanna before.

What Is His Net Worth?

DarksydePhil’s net worth is still a mystery.

But he probably makes considerable earnings from his Twitch streaming.

He has over 102 thousand followers in Twitch. Also, his YouTube channel has 29.6 thousand followers. 

Phil reportedly earns $35 in donations per subscriber.

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