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Reece Yates

Reece Yates

Reece Yates is a young talented actor who has played the role of David in the movie “Come Away (2020)” and Gavroche In the TV mini-series “Les Miserables”. Moreover, Yates has shown promising talent and acting skills in this movie and TV mini-series. 

Prior to that, Reece is quite an exceptional young talented actor. He has a bright future in the world of acting. His excellent talent has definitely placed his role in the Movie Industry.

Name Reece Yates
Gender Male
Nationality French
Profession Actor
Married/Single Single

10 Facts about Reece Yates

  1. Reece Yates’s age is not known yet. In fact, there is no relevant information about his birthday. And, his birth sign is also unknown.
  2. Reece was born and raised in the streets of Paris. So, he holds French nationality.
  3. Reece is a decently tall young actor. However, the actual detail about his height and weight is not revealed as of now.
  4. Being young and not that globally known, Reece Yates has not been included in Wikipedia’s bio yet. 
  5. Talking about his social media involvement, we are not known that if he has any social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter or not as we have not found any social media account in the name of him.
  6. Recently, Reece Yates has appeared in Brenda Chapman’s Adventure, Drama, and Fantasy movie as a role of David named “Come Away” which has a 4.5 IMDb rating.
  7. As per his IMDb, Reece Yates has just 2 Actor credits which are for “Come Away” and “Les Miserable”.
  8. To date, he has never spoken about his parents. So, his father’s name or mother’s name is yet to be known. And, we are also not aware whether he is a single child or has any siblings too.
  9. He is too young to have a girlfriend or a love life. Therefore, he is single as of now.
  10. The estimated net worth of Reece Yates is not revealed to the public. But since he is so young, he sure has an even bright future ahead.

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