Age, Height, Girlfriend, Instagram, Arrested

Jed Texas Model: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Instagram, Arrested

Jed Texas Model: Age, Height, Girlfriend, Instagram, Arrested

Jed Texas is very popular as a former model who has been recently arrested in Bali. According to reports from News Australia, Jed Texas has now been sentenced to 5 years and will be spending these years at Kerobokan Prison. His villa was raided by the police and they found a total of nine small plastic bags that contained nearly 85.15 grams of marijuana

Name Jed Texas
Age 30 years
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Former Model
Married/Single Single
Instagram @jedtexas (private)
Twitter @jedtexas

After his arrest, Jed admitted his fault and through a video, he told all his fans that he was very ashamed of what he did. Also, it has been known that when the police had come to raid his villa, he had attempted to flush all those plastic bags but was unsuccessful. After several investigations, it has been confirmed that he used to take drugs as well and has been suffering from mental illness.

10 Facts on Jed Texas:

  1. Jed Texas is currently 30 years old but apart from his age, we are unknown about his birthday details.
  2. Moreover, he can still be found online on Instagram where his username is @jedtexas, and has around 10.2 thousand followers. Unfortunately, his account is currently private. 
  3. Currently, there is no information regarding Jed Texas’s height, weight, and also his other body measurements.
  4. Apart from just Instagram, he can also be found online on Twitter where his username stands out to be @jedtexas and he has a total of 4.9 thousand followers there.
  5. Talking about Jed Texas’s dating life, he previously dated an Australian model named Hanna Judd. But, right now, he is single.
  6. As of 2020, his net worth, as well as salary, has not been known. 
  7. Although we are sure that Jed Texas’s nationality is British, we remain unknown about his ethnicity.
  8. As per official reports, he will soon be appealing for his possession of type two narcotics. 
  9. Before living in Bali, Indonesia, he used to live in Melbourne, Australia with his then-girlfriend, Hanna
  10. According to Jed, he had brought marijuana to his residence for treating his anxiety. 

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