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Alena Galan

Alena Galan

Alena Galan was born in northern Siberia, Russia, and was adopted by Marcia Galan of Westchester Country when she was 3 years old. She has discovered herself as an actress, songwriter, spokesperson, advocate, role model which she has mentioned in her LinkedIn bio.  She is a famous TV personality who has graduated from Quinnipiac University acquiring a degree in MBA and marketing. 

She later auditioned for X-factor and got a chance to perform in various musical events. She was diagnosed with a genetic disease called MPS VI due to which her growth stopped. She despite all the hardships and struggle in life stood strong and faced all of it gracefully. She is an inspiration for all the people who have their share of insecurities, physical disabilities, and sufferings.

Name Alena Galan
Age 21
Gender Female
Height 4ft 3inch
Weight >30kgs
Nationality Russian
Profession TV Personality
Education MBA and Bachelor in Marketing
Instagram @alenagalanofficial
Youtube Alena Galan
Facebook @AlenaGalan

10 Facts on Alena Galan

  1. Alena Galan got featured on TLC’s sMothered along with Marcia, her mother.
  2. They were criticized by few followers calling them ‘strange’ for the overwhelming love they shared on screen. However, they agreed to have a strong bond rather than a strange bond and laughed it off.
  3. Alena is very close to Marcia since they don’t have anyone but each other. She doesn’t seem to care much about her birth parents.
  4. She was diagnosed with a  genetic disease very rare called MPS VI which checked her growth to 4’3.
  5. She is 21 years old now but her birthdate is unknown.
  6. Her first doctor predicted her to live only for 5 years but when she was 8, met Dr. Max who became a Messiah for her.
  7. Alena seems to be quite active on social media. She has 2.6K followers including her Instagram and YouTube account.
  8. So far there is no information about her having a boyfriend but is expected to be revealed in her upcoming episodes.
  9. Apart from working on a reality TV show, she has also been working as an informational technology specialist at Quinnipiac University.
  10. Her net worth is expected to be $100 thousand(estimated).

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