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Who Is Dawn French Boyfriend Idris Elba?

Who Is Dawn French Boyfriend Idris Elba?

Is Idris Elba Dawn French’s Boyfriend? well no but she shared a shirtless picture of him on social media calling him her ‘boyfriend’. It was obviously a joke as both of them are married but the internet went wild for a brief period 

Name Dawn French
Birthday 11 October 1957
Age 62
Height 152 cm
Nationality British
Net Worth $10 million
Husband Mark Bignell

French is an award-winning comedic actor and is known for her sense of humor as well as various Tv shows like The Vicar of Dibley, French, and Saunders, etc. 

10 Facts About Dawn French

  1. Dawn French was born Dawn Roma French on 11 October 1957 and is 62 years old as of September 2020. She was born in Holyhead, Anglesey, Wales.
  2. She is a Welsh-born British actress and comedian who is known for her comedic shows and sitcoms. 
  3. French’s husband is Mark Bignell, they began dating in 2011, and news of their marriage was reported on 22 April 2013. 
  4. The star does not have any biological children but adopted Billie, a daughter when she was her first husband.    
  5. Dawn has a net worth of around $10 million as of September 2020. She earned most of this from her career in show business. 
  6. Her family is English, her mother is was named Felicity Roma, and father Denys Vernon French. In addition to this, she also has a brother named Gary. 
  7. According to her filmography on Wikipedia, she started her career on-screen back in 1982 with The Comic Strip. 
  8. Her breakthrough role was the series French and Saunders, which started back in 1987 and ran for 30 years during which time it became a British Tv staple. Similarly, it was also an acclaimed show on TV. 
  9. Apart from this, her work on Delicious, a show that started in 2016 and ended in 2019. 
  10. According to a BBC news article, she was once named as one of the 100 most powerful women in the United Kingdom. 

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