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Who is Cameron Perrelli? Woman Falls From NYC Rooftop, Here’s An Update

Who is Cameron Perrelli? Woman Falls From NYC Rooftop, Here’s An Update

Cameron Perrelli now has an obituary following her death. The incident has shocked NYC and the nation on May 22. Read updates on her Death And Wikipedia.

She was found dead during a rooftop party in the East Village, Manhattan.

Cameron Perrelli: Obituary and NYC Death

Cameron Perrelli’s obituary message has been posted by her family and friends. it is on different social media platforms.

Furthermore, her uncle has also posted on Facebook, paying obituary on her death, “Sad day today I lost a piece of my heart my beautiful niece was taken by God to heaven she was so beautiful in mind body and soul,” “It is so hard to understand gods reason for taking Cameron she had so much to offer the world.”

Likewise, her other uncle Steve Perrelli posted on Facebook, “lost a true angel.” 

Perrelli died on Saturday, May 22, 2021, after attempting to climb between rooftops in the Lower East Side and lost her balance. She had attended the boozy-birthday party which was held on the rooftop. 

According to Daily Mail, the incident took place around 3 am on Saturday, May 22, and was rushed to Bellevue Hospital. Sadly, she couldn’t survive. 

In addition, as per one source, the victim was trying to climb from one rooftop to another between 200 and 202 Ave. A. 

The news of Cameron’s death has shocked her family and left them devastated. 

What was Cameron Perrelli Age?

Cameron Perrelli’s age is said to be 24 years old. Looking through her pictures, she seems to be a pretty, and courageous woman.

Further, Perrelli was a young finance worker, who had just started her career at an investment firm in New York City. 

Cameron Perrelli: Wikipedia and Husband 

Cameron Perrelli’s details are not available on Wikipedia. 

There is no detailed information on Cameron Perrelli’s husband being mentioned in any news sources. She was a young independent woman, whose main purpose was to work as a finance employee and improve her career. 

Is Cameron Perrelli on Instagram?

Yes, Cameron Perrelli has an Instagram account. Her account name is cameronperrelli, and has 1457 followers. So far she only has posted 61 posts and her account is private. 

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