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Alexandra Zarini

Alexandra Zarini

Alexandra Zarini is the great-granddaughter of Aldo Gucci, who started the brand, Gucci. She was born to their only daughter, Patricia Gucci. Alexandra is a part of the historic family whose name is one of the greatest clothing brands in the world.

However, the theoretical explanation of family and legacy doesn’t seem to affect her as she has recently filed a lawsuit against her own family. In the lawsuit, she has mentioned that her stepfather, Joseph Ruffalo continuously abused her since she was a child. The abuse started when he was around 6 years old and continued until she was 22. As per her interview with the Times, the lawsuit is also against her mother, Patricia Gucci, and her grandmother, Bruna Palombo. They knew about the abuse and hid it from everyone. However, Ms. Gucci claims that she divorced her husband as soon as she knew about the abuse.

Name Alexandra Zarini
Age 35 years
Gender Female
Height 5 feet 6 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity Italian
Parents Patricia Gucci

10 Facts on Alexandra Zarini

  1. Alexandra Zarini is the heir to the Gucci company as she is the granddaughter of Aldo Gucci, the person behind the revolutionary success of the brand. 
  2. Moreover, she is currently 35 years old. 
  3. Alexandra recently interviewed about her family. She confirmed about filing a lawsuit against her stepfather. 
  4. During her interview, she never mentioned having a husband or being married. 
  5. Neither is she present on Instagram or social media of any sort. 
  6. Ms. Zarini has recently filed a lawsuit against her stepfather who allegedly abused her since she was a child. 
  7. It doesn’t stop there though. The lawsuit also slams her mother and grandmother of ignorance as they knew about the abuse. 
  8. They even allegedly threatened her not to tell anyone about the abuse and made a videotape of it. 
  9. However, her mother denies the allegations as she claims that she divorced Mr. Ruffalo as soon as she was enlightened by the abuse. 
  10. Gucci is one of the greatest fashion and clothing brands at the moment. And it is not the first time the family had issues within. 

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