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John Gilbert Getty Cause of Death: Facts To Know

John Gilbert Getty Cause of Death: Facts To Know

John Gilbert Getty, the heir to the Getty fortune passed away in his hotel room on November 23, 2020. The cause of his death is yet to be released but police have not suspected any foul play as per the initial investigation. 

Getty’s father Gordon Getty announced the death of his son. Gordon’s spokesperson revealed the tragic news to the world. Other than being one of the heirs to the Getty fortune, John Gilbert Getty was also a musician. 

Name John Gilbert Getty
Birthday 1968
Age 52 (at the time of death)
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Musician
Parents Gordon Getty; Ann Gilbert (deceased)
Siblings Andrew Getty (deceased)
Children Daughter Ivy Getty

10 Facts About John Gilbert Getty

  1. John Gilbert Getty’s cause of death is yet to be discovered. Police do not suspect foul play and initial investigations point towards a drug overdose. 
  2. The official reports are yet to emerge as of November 24, 2020. 
  3. John Gilbert Getty’s age at the time of his death was 52 years old, he was born in 1968. 
  4. Information about John Gilbert Getty’s wife and married life is not available but he did have a daughter named Ivy Getty. He was survived by his brother Peter and Billy. Other members of his family are also mourning his loss. 
  5. While John Gilbert Getty’s exact net worth at the time of his death is not known, the Getty fortune is worth more than $5.2 million. 
  6. The Getty Oil heir, John Gilbert Getty, was set to inherit part of the Getty empire but the inheritance will most likely go to his daughter. 
  7. Talking about his daughter, she shared a touching tribute to her father on her Instagram account calling him one of the coolest human beings and also expressing her sadness in the fact that both her parents have now passed away. 
  8. The musician’s Instagram account does not exist as he was not very active on social media. 
  9. The Getty family has seen some tragedy in recent years as John Gilbert Getty’s older brother Andrew Getty passed away from meth intoxication in 2015.
  10. Similarly, his mother passed away from a heart attack in September 2020. 





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