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Who is Minneapolis Firefighter Genevieve Hansen? Family Details To Know

Who is Minneapolis Firefighter Genevieve Hansen? Family Details To Know

Genevieve Hansen from the Minneapolis Firefighters team is testifying in the court for the George Floyd case. Here is what we know about Hansen so far.

Genevieve Hansen is a firefighter who identified herself as a first responder when George Floyd‘s murder took place. Former officer Derek Chauvin is in custody for being accused of murdering George Floyd, which led the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the court, Genevieve’s 911 call was played again for more evidence. She made the call right after George was put into the ambulance.

Genevieve Hansen: Minneapolis Firefighter

Genevieve is one of the firefighters in Minneapolis.

Aside from a firefighter, Hansen is a trained emergency medical technician. She was walking home from a community garden while she was off-duty, and she heard a woman yelling.

Hansen heard that the police were attacking and killing a black man, and the person was in handcuffs, faced down in the ground, reports NPR.

Genevieve Hansen Age And Wiki

Hansen’s age is 27 years.

She started her career as a firefighter at an early age.

As Genevieve Hansen is not on Wikipedia, one can read about her on a couple of Wiki-bio pages and recent news articles.

Who Is her Husband?

Genevieve Hansen and her husband prefer to keep their relationship private.

Hansen has not disclosed the details of her relationship, family, and parents. Indeed she is a family lady.

Hansen And George Floyd Case Update

Genevieve Hansen is testifying in the George Floyd case.

In the court, Genevieve revealed that the police did not let her step in to help George Floyd even though she was desperate to help. A video was played in the court, where she demanded the police officers to check his pulse.

Hansen knew that George was not conscious during the time, but she had to figure out if he still had a pulse. In court, Genevieve broke down multiple times while describing the story.

She told the court she should have made the call sooner and acted quickly and regrets not doing so, reports ABC 7.

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