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Who Is Larynzo Johnson From Louisville, Kentucky? Everything To Know About

Who Is Larynzo Johnson From Louisville, Kentucky? Everything To Know About

Larynzo Johnson is the man who authorities allege shot the 2 LMPD (Louisville, Ky) officers after protests sparked in the USA after only 1 officer was charged with murder or a hate crime in the case of Breonna Taylor.

He was recently accused of a crime and is facing multiple charges of assault of a police officer and wanton endangerment. 

Larynzo was part of the crowd that had gathered at Broadway and Brook Street. It has not been confirmed who injured two officers after shooting them but there are strong implications by the police that Laryzno did it. 

Name Larynzo Johnson
Birthday 1994
Age 26
Gender Male
Nationality American

10 Facts About Alleged Police Shooter Larynzo Johnson

  1. Larynzo Johnson’s exact birthday and year have not been revealed but according to this source, he is 26 years old as of September 2020. 
  2. He doesn’t have a Wiki page but you can read all about him in this article. 
  3. Mugshots of the alleged shooter have been released by authorities and have become headlines almost instantly. 
  4. Larynzo has been arrested and placed in custody but his bond has not been set as of 24 September 2020. 
  5. He is still in jail while the bond amount is decided and the trial proceedings can go on. 
  6. According to the citation on his arrest form, the officer wrote that Johnson did not have any value for human life. 
  7. The protestor has been accused of firing a gun multiple times with malice and an intent to harm the officers in Louisville, Kentucky. 
  8. His statement and verdict will be released after the end of the trial. 
  9. There were also witnesses that identified him after police rounded up a number of suspects. When he was arrested, he had a gun and there was also footage uncovered by the police which reportedly shows him shooting the gun. 
  10. Police have emphasized that there are still insufficient facts to formally identify him as the shooter. A ballistics expert will review the weapon and the gun. 

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