Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Instagram Bio

Jay Ann Lopez Twitch: Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Instagram Bio

Jay Ann Lopez Twitch: Age, Wiki, Net Worth, Instagram Bio

Jay Ann Lopez is actually best known for being the founder of the popular Twitch channel named BlackGirlGamers. Also, she is well-known to be the co-founder of Culture UK. Although she had started her career as a gamer and streamer, now, she is a businesswoman who owns her own gaming team. 

Name Jay Ann Lopez
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Businesswoman, Twitch Streamer, Gamer
Instagram @supadupacurl
Twitter @supadupacurl
Youtube SupaDupaCurl

Apart from her own Twitch account with more than 600 followers, she also owns the Twitch channel under the username @blackgirlgamers where there are 27.7 thousand followers in total. Also, the gaming team has its own YouTube channel where they have managed to earn more than 2.7 thousand subscribers already. The gamers on this team are very focused on popular games like Apex Legends, Marvel’s Avengers, Overwatch, Tekken 7, etc. 

10 Facts on Jay Ann Lopez:

  1. Jay Ann Lopez’s current age is not known to us but we do know that she is around 20 to 30 years old right now.
  2. Moreover, the estimated net worth of she is currently under investigation and the official statement will be released as soon as the investigation is completed. 
  3. With around 4.08 thousand followers, Jay Ann Lopez is active on Instagram as @supadupacurl. 
  4. Also, she can be followed on Twitter where her username is @supadupacurl and she has around 6.1 thousand followers there. 
  5. According to Jay Ann Lopez’s bio on her official website, we have come to know that she has won several awards for gaming including the Gaming Award Winner 2020 at BTA Awards
  6. Currently, we have no idea how tall she is. Also, her weight and other body measurements seem to be missing. 
  7. Furthermore, we do not believe that Jay Ann Lopez has her own merch right now but we are pretty much sure that the gaming team has one. 
  8. Although we are well aware that she is of British nationality, her ethnicity has not yet been found. 
  9. From her Twitter bio, we have found out that she is originally from London, England. 
  10. Even though you won’t find any wiki site under Jay Ann Lopez’s name, we hope you have learned a lot about her from these 10 facts.

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