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Who Is Iain Hunt? Everything On Trina Hunt Husband

Who Is Iain Hunt? Everything On Trina Hunt Husband

Iain Hunt is the husband of Trina Hunt. Currently he is the CEO of Cleantech. Learn about Trina Hunt husband Reddit Age and Wikipedia. 

Trina was missing for several days, and the Vancouver police reported that she is dead. Her death is considered to be a Homicide.

Iain Hunt: Wikipedia and Reddit

Iain Hunt’s information is not available on Wikipedia. 

There is information on Reddit, where Trina Hunt, wife of Iain, discussed her missing at Port Moody, Canada. 

Likewise, Hunt’s wife Trina was 48 years old at the time of her death. She had been missing since January, and her human remains were found on 29 March, which was identified as her. 

Iain and Trina lived in Port Moody’s Heritage Mountain neighborhood. 

The last person to see Trina was Iain Hunt. He reports seeing her at 6 a.m, when he left their residence for work on 18 January 2021. 

After Hunt returned home from work, Trina could not be located, and the house unlocked. She appeared without her keys and cellphone, which were all located in the house. 

The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team confirmed on 1 May that Hunts remains found near Hope at the end of March. She went missing for three months. 

Statements from Trina’s family and friends say that Iain and Trina were happily married. 

What Is The Age of Iain Hunt?

Iain Hunt’s age is not revealed on any of the social networking sites.

However, looking through his pictures, he seems to be in the age range of 45 to 50 years old.

How Much Is Iain’s Net Worth? 

Iain Hunt Net Worth has not been disclosed.

Likewise, we can assume his estimated Net Worth of CEO is said to be around $8 million. 

He is the CEO of Cleantech, which is one of the successful companies and has 26 employees. 

Iain joined Cleantech CEO in 2005, and since then, the growth of the company has become rapid.

They are also able to get a huge number of clients based in Richmond.

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