Age, Wikipedia Bio To Know About

Meet Philonise Floyd Wife Keeta Floyd: Age, Wikipedia Bio To Know About

Meet Philonise Floyd Wife Keeta Floyd: Age, Wikipedia Bio To Know About

Philonise Floyd and wife Keeta Floyd have been talked about by many lately. Learn about the age of the said man.

Philonise Floyd is the younger brother of George Perry Floyd Jr, the man who was killed by ex-cop Derek Chauvin. 

His death had instigated a nation and worldwide movement for the cause “Black Lives Matter”. 

Today as of writing this, marks the day when justice had been served as criminal Chauvin has been found guilty on all the charges.

Philonise Floyd Family: Wife and Children

Philonise Floyd’s wife is Keeta Floyd and they have 2 children together. 

They got married on May 24 and his wife has always supported him in all his endeavors. 

Talking about his family, George Floyd was the eldest of 5 siblings: himself, Philonise, LaTonya, Terrence, and Bridgett Floyd

After his death, it was Philonise who became the eldest and took care of his younger siblings and his big brother’s family.

Their mother was Larcenia Floyd who had died on May 30, 2018, and their father is unknown. 

Philonise Floyd Age and Wikipedia

As of now, Philonise Floyd’s age has not been disclosed. 

Many sites or media outlets have claimed his age to be 39 or 42 years but nothing has been confirmed yet. 

Likewise, Philonise Floyd has not been documented on Wikipedia yet but he has been featured on various sites. 

On the contrary, his elder brother, late George Floyd has a Wikipedia documented about him. 

What is Philonise Floyd’s Net Worth?

There is no information about Philonise Floyd’s personal net worth. 

He did open a GoFundMe page after the death of his brother, for help to be provided to their family. 

The page had managed to collect over $14 million dollars

Furthermore, it was said that Philonise Floyd had a steady job as a trucker. 

Meet Philonise Floyd on Instagram

Philonise Floyd is on Instagram @philonise_pj_floyd. He has 2,529 followers so far. 


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