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Who is Edna Ma from Shark Tank? 10 Facts on Survivor Contestant

Who is Edna Ma from Shark Tank? 10 Facts on Survivor Contestant

Edna Ma is a well-experienced anesthesiologist. She is the author of the wonderful book ‘Travel, Learn and See Your Friends’.

Edma Ma is viral on the internet since she participated in the popular Television show ‘Shark Tank’  which was premiered back in 2013 and recently, she appeared on the show called ‘Survivor’.Know more about Edma Ma with some interesting facts below.

Name Edna Ma
Birthday 1985
Age 35
Gender Female
Nationality Chinese
Profession Anesthesiologist
Married/Single Married
Children Dean, Genevieve
Instagram ednamamd

10 Facts On Edna Ma

  1. Edna Ma is a Chinese anesthesiologist born in 1985, China. The place of birth is still unknown.
  2. As of 2020, Edna Ma is 35 years old. She is turning 36 by 2021.
  3. The anesthesiologist is a married woman. However, she has not exposed her lucky husband to the public.
  4. Edna Ma has got the taste of success through a long and hurtful journey. She had to overcome poverty, abuse, and different other challenging factors to become one of the mentally strong and successful women around the globe.
  5. Beautiful Edna is blessed with a son ‘Dean’ and a daughter ‘Genevieve’. Edna Ma is currently residing in Los Angeles along with her family.
  6. Rumors are spread that Edna just wanted to talk to Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor) to promote new business being on Shark Tank but ended up being in ‘Survivor’. 
  7. Edna has lost about 14 lbs in the making of ‘Survivor’. That is quite a lot of dedication one can give to a reality show.
  8. Mick Trimming, one of the contestants of Survivor, is also a doctor and is a good friend of Edna. It is heard that Mick helped Edna to get her cast for the show.
  9. Despite being one of the strong and model women in the world, Edna is yet to be on the Wikipedia page. However, She has got her personal Website where she updates about her career and her books.
  10. Edna is available on Instagram as ‘ednamamd‘.She has more than two thousand followers on it.

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