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Jessi Morse Life Below Zero: 10 Facts To Know About

Jessi Morse Life Below Zero: 10 Facts To Know About

Jessi Morse is a reality TV star of the documentary series Life Below Zero that airs on the Geography channel. Jessi is a beautiful and adjustable woman who lives far in the terrain land-living an ordinary life. Well, Jessi and her husband, Chris Morse are together on the reality show. 

Moreover, Jessi hasn’t disclosed much information about her personal life. According to distractify, Chris and Jessi are surviving in the remotest place in Alaska with wood. Well, they explain that they don’t need money. Moreover, Chris and Jessi love music. You will be amazed to know that Jessi has an old cell phone. They stored some downloaded music and charge their phone with the help of solar.

Here are the details of Life Below Zero participant, Jessi Morse

Quick Facts: Jessi Morse Life Below Zero: 10 Facts To Know About

Name Jessi Morse
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Reality TV star
Instagram @jessicarnage
Twitter @alaskanhomestead

10 Facts on Jessi Morse

  1. Jessi Morse hasn’t disclosed her age and date of birth in the media. By her looks, she might be in her early 30s.
  2. The budding contestant Jessi Morse’s name is not featured on Wikipedia lately.
  3. Jessi Morse has amassed nearly a good number of followers on Instagram.
  4. As of now, there are no details about her family in the media. Just like every parent, Jessi’s parents are supportive in nature.
  5. Jessi’s current net worth is under audit at the moment. Similarly, we don’t have detailed information about her past life in the media.
  6. By looking at her Instagram post, she seems to be an adventurous woman who loves to travel the world and experience new cultures and trends.
  7. Jessi is a also painter and potter. However, it’s not known if that’s her passion or interest.
  8. Additionally, Jessi is available on Facebook, where she uploads the happy memories she had on the Life Below Zero reality TV show.
  9. As stated above, Jessi is a married woman. Her husband, Chris feels himself a lucky man to get an understanding woman like Jessi.
  10. Jessi hasn’t shared her nationality or birthplace on the internet.

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