AGT: Cam Bertrand Age, Gender And Wikipedia: Meet Him On Instagram

How Old Is Comedian Cam Bertrand On AGT? Everything To Know

How Old Is Comedian Cam Bertrand On AGT? Everything To Know

Cam Bertrand is an AGT comedian aged 27 years old. What is Bertrand’s gender? Let’s find out.

Bertrand is a writer, comedian, and performer. Throughout his life, he worked either worked behind the scene or among a small audience.

However, Cam recently tried his luck in America’s Got Talent Season 16 in front of the whole nation. 

Cam Bertrand Age: The AGT Comedian

Cam Bertrand is 27 years old in age.

Cam Bertrand is a comedian who appeared in the audition round of AGT 2021. He celebrates his birthday on Feb 28 each year. 

Cam Bertrand impressed everyone on AGT with his 3 min comic gig.

He made all judges, including Simon Cowell, burst into laughter with his act. He began the show by joking about his babyface and paced the rest performance likewise. 

Moreover, Cam will be proceeding to the next round now. 

Cam Bertrand Gender Revealed: Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Cam Bertrand identifies his gender as male

In fact, Cam Bertrand is currently dating his girlfriend named Kimberly Kady. The couple has been together for a while now and loves sharing pictures with each other. 

Cam Bertrand hails from his hometown in Tampa, Florida.

He attended the Florida A&M University. However, he dropped out his college after just 3 weeks to pursue his stage dreams.

In 2018, the comedian made a breakthrough as the writer for the “Wild’N’Out”. Following the next year, he won the 2019 Florida’s Funniest’ competition. 

Furthermore, Cam Bertrand’s parents were supportive throughout his journey. At such a young age, Cam Bertrand has reached massive career heights. 

Meet Cam Bertrand On Wikipedia Instagram

Cam Bertrand doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio yet. 

But, you can meet Cam Bertrand on Instagram as @camthecomic. 

He boasts over 26.3k followers on his IG profile. Moreover, the comedian has even higher followers on his Tiktok @camthecomic with 795k+ followers. 

Cam Bertrand’s height stands around 6 feet and 2 inches tall. This explains his charming looks.

Apart from onscreen works, he is also a writer for the TV series titled “Dry Bar Comedy”. 

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