AGT- Is Jimmie Herrod A Man? Gender And Instagram Bio

Is Jimmie Herrod A Man? Find Out His Gender

Is Jimmie Herrod A Man? Find Out His Gender

Is Jimmie Herrod a man? He is the latest contestant to receive a Golden Buzzer on America Got Talent. Read this article to learn about his gender and Bio. 

Jimmie is a musical artist. 

He is an artist and performer who works in Portland, Oregon, and Paris, France. 

AGT: Is Jimmie Herrod A Man? Gender Revealed

No Jimmie Herrod is not a man.

His gender is gay. 

According to Psychology Today, “Hay believed that gay men are different from heterosexuals and that those differences go much deeper than mere sexual attraction to other men.”

Similarly, gay men are male homosexuals or men whose sexual identity or sexual behavior is predominantly directed toward other men. 

Moreover, he revealed in a January 2021 interview that times were tough for him growing up.

Jimmie told The Olympian, “It wasn’t necessarily easy growing up and being who I am — a gay Black guy — in Tacoma.” 

He further added, “There were aspects of myself that I couldn’t share in that time and place, but I would put on my headphones and listen to albums and sing, practically shouting. It was a way to express things.”

Meet the Artist on his Instagram

Jimmie is active on Instagram as @jimmie_herrod.

So far, he has achieved 7k followers and uploaded 278 posts. 

Herrod has shared beautiful memories on his IG handle, including his family and his musical journey. 

Jimmie Herrod Bio

Jimmie Herrod holds a Bachelor of Music degree in music composition and performance from Cornish.

He also holds a Masters of Music in Jazz Studies from Portland State University. 

While he currently serves as an adjunct professor of jazz voice, he remains an active performer, both a soloist and collaborator.

Furthermore, Jimmie has worked in Seattle’s lauded musical theater scene at ArtsWest and the 5th Avenue Theater. 

In 2018 Jimmie recorded “Exodus,” his first single with Pink Martini, and the solo album of original works, Falling in Love and Learning to Love Myself.

He is currently the AGT contestant and sang “Tomorrow,” which helped him earn the golden buzzer. 

Herrod says that auditioning for “America’s Got Talent” was positive. “Everyone there, including the judges, is extremely kind and generous with their time.”

What Is His Ethnicity? 

Jimmie’s ethnicity is African. 

Further, his family lives in Tacoma, a place where Herrod grew up.

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