Aidan McCann Age, Birthday, BGT, Parents, Instagram

Aidan McCann

Aidan McCann

Aidan McCann is a famous kid magician who has shocked the world with his magic in Britain got Talent and even earlier than that. Despite being just a kid he has an enormous talent to conquer the world. He is very young and handsome and his personality and aura are out of this world at such a young age.

Aidan McCann is not just famous for his shows and magic tricks in Britain Got Talent but he was very famous as he had performed in many big stages and showed his ability to the world. In America, he performed his magic in TheEllenShow where he had earned his huge followers and supporters.

Name Aidan McCann
Birthday July 1, 2009
Age 11
Gender Male
Height 4 feet 3 inches
Nationality Irish
Ethnicity White
Profession Magician
Parents Noella McCann(Mother) Ronnie McCann (father)
Siblings 1
Married/Single single
Instagram @aidaanthemagician
Twitter @AidanMagician
Facebook @AidanMagician

10 Facts on Aidan McCann:

  1. Aidan McCann was born on July 1, 2009, in Kilden, Dublin, Ireland.
  2. His current age is just 11 years while the time of his audition in the show was just 10 years old.
  3. He is the son of proud parents as his mother’s name is Noella McCann and his father’s name is Ronnie McCann.
  4. Recently he has been in the semifinal of Britain Got Talent where he performed his magic and even tied his shoelace in magic as he neither used his hand nor anything this shocked the judges and all the audience.
  5. He is an Irish nationality boy who has been traveling to different places and showcasing his awesome magic around the world and gaining huge support every time he performs it.
  6. Before coming to Britain Got Talent he went to the second edition of Ireland Got Talent in which he was again the semifinalist but couldn’t bring the trophy home and this time he is determined to do so.
  7. He has his own Instagram profile named @aidenthemagician where he has more than 11k followers.
  8. He has even performed his magic show with American Got Talent winner Shin Lim even before arriving in Britain Got Talent.
  9. He has his own sibling sister named Molly McCann.
  10. Currently, Aiden is just in his third grade and has been performing like a grown-up in his shows and magic.

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