Aimee Knight Father Net Worth And Wife

Who is Aimee Knight Father David Challenor? Reddit Controversy Explained

Who is Aimee Knight Father David Challenor? Reddit Controversy Explained

David Challenor is the father of transgender activist Aimee Knight. Here is everything we know about daughter Reddit drama and wiki.

David Challenor was arrested in 2018 on the charge of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl. This led his daughter Aimee Knight to step down from Green Party, where she worked as a spokesperson and electorial candidate. 

She was fired for recruiting her father as an election agent despite knowing that he had 22 sexual assault charges. David Challenor is serving his time in jail as he was sentenced to more than 20 years in prison.

David Challenor Wiki 

David does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to himself. Meanwhile, his daughter Aimee Challenor is available on Wikipedia.

Challenor belongs to British nationality and white ethnicity.

Besides working as an election agent for his daughter, it is not known what David did for a living. So there is no information on his salary. His net worth has not been evaluated yet. 

David Challenor And Reddit Drama Of Daughter Aimee Knight

David Challenor became a Reddit subject matter after his daughter was employed there.

Amid the hiring of Aimee Knight as an admin of Reddit, people are furious. They are posting screenshots of tweets and charges against David on the platform.

They are strongly against hiring a pedophile’s daughter as a Reddit admin. 

David Challenor is not the only pedophile that Aimee is related to. She is the wife of Nathaniel Knight, whose pedophile tweets led Aimee to resign from Liberal Democrats and Stonewall UK.

Aimee tried to cover up for her husband by claiming that his Twitter account was hacked.

However, Reddit is supporting Aimee Knight as the users who are posting about her past are being blocked. Posts harassing Aimee are being deleted from the platform.

Who Is Challenor Wife?

David Challenor wife name is Tina Challenor, a British lady. There is not much information on where she lives and what she does for a living.

It is not revealed if the couple has any more children in their family other than Aimee. 

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