AJ And Jayda Tape On Twitter

AJ And Jayda Tape Is Taking Over Twitter – Have A Look

AJ And Jayda Tape Is Taking Over Twitter – Have A Look

AJ and Jayda tape is taking over Twitter. Who is AJ and Jayda? Here we have rounded up all about their tape.

AJ and Jayda are social media couples. AJ famed as Theeyloveaj and Jayda Rogers famed as prettygurljayda is taking social media by storm. They are in a relationship that tells themselves as they are in a situation that is inappropriate.

AJ and Jayda rocketed their fame after some random user exposed their sex tape on Twitter.

AJ And Jayda Tape On Twitter Exposed

AJ and Jayda tape was exposed on Twitter.

After AJ and Jayda tape was all over on Twitter, their video is now getting viral on social media platforms like Reddit, Facebook as well as Instagram.

A random Twitter user under the username @messytea12 posted a 17 seconds clip of AJ and Jayda on a Twitter account.

People are eagerly searching for a full video after some random Twitter user posted it on July 14th.

Their sex tape is getting awash huge comments and reactions on social media. Some are disgusted with their exposed video whereas some are absolutely loving it.

People are getting frenzy after AJ and Jayda sex tape got exposed.

Talking more about the video, we’re yet to make sure if the couple accidentally shoots their private video or some else is playing their part.

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Who Is AJ And Jayda?

AJ and Jayda are TikTok star.

AJ better known as Theeyloveaj is a TikTok celebrity who shot to fame by his TikTok lip-syncing videos. He is young boy from Wisconsin who was born on 5th January 2006. Thus, Aj is 15 years of age.

Currently, AJ has amassed huge fan followings of more than 300K followers on his TikTok account. He has also started releasing his original music since 2021.

Jayda is also a TikTok star and Instagram influencer.

Jayda was born Jayda Rogers on 27th March 2004, which makes her 17 years of age as of now. She hails from Gary, IN.

She rose to eminence through her Instagram account where she often posts her TikTok dances, lip-syncs videos, and rad fashion modeling pictures.  AJ and Jayda are happily dating each other.

Meet Prettygurljayda And Theeyloveaj Instagram.

Prettygurljayda is available on Instagram. The Instagram handle of Jayda Marie is under the username @prettygurljayda.

As per Instagram, she is an artist who does pay promotions of any products, wigs, and so on.

On her Instagram account, she has hoarded more than 345K followers. Also, she has 270 posts and 495 followings. Theeyloveaj Instagram account is deleted.

After ongoing exposed tape controversy, he has preferred to delete his Instagram account. Well, he is also popular on Instagram like his girlfriend Jayda.

Therefore, his Instagram link is broken or removed by Instagram.

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