Al Gore Wife Age, Where Is She Now?

Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore: 10 Facts on Al Gore Wife

Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore: 10 Facts on Al Gore Wife

Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore is a famous female American personality. Tipper is a famous social issue advocate of the country and is running and fighting for a better community for all the people to live on. She has been an active member of solving many of the social issues such as LGBTQ Rights, Mental Health Awareness, and lastly, in reducing homeless in the country.

Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore dedicated her life to solving and helping people all around the country. Whether they were of a different country, race, or political party, she was there to help everybody who needs her.

Name Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore
Birthday August 19, 1948
Age 72
Gender Female
Height 5 ft 7 in
Nationality American
Profession Advocate/Activist
Parents John Kenneth Aitcheson, Margaret Odom
Married/Single In a relationship
Children Karenna Gore, Kristin Gore, Sarah Gore, Albert Gore III.
Divorce In 2010
Education Boston University
Instagram @tippergore

10 Facts on Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore is an Ex-wife of a former vice president Albert Arnold Gore Jr.
  2. Mary Elizabeth was born on August 19, 1948, in Washington DC, USA.
  3. Her age as of 2020 is exactly 72 years old yet even at this age, her dedication to work is mindblowing and influencing.
  4. She has four children with Al Gore and they are Karenna Gore, Kristin Gore, Sarah Gore, and lastly a son Albert Gore III.
  5. Al Gore and her ex-Wife ended their marital status and family life way back in 2010. They mutually ended their relationship and made it public.
  6. Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Gore completed her Education in BA in Psychology in 1970 from Boston University.
  7. She is currently dating national geographer editor Bill Allen and is very opened up about her relationship.
  8. Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson has her own Instagram account @tippergore where she has almost 931 followers and her account is a verified one.
  9. Mary’s net worth as of 2020 must be around a million dollars, however, she hasn’t revealed it yet. Meanwhile, her ex-husband’s net worth is a whopping 350 million dollars.
  10. She stands at a height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall which is about 1.75 m high.

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