Alan Hostetter Wife Age & Wikipedia

Who is Alan Hostetter Married To? Why is Former La Habra Chief Arrested?

Who is Alan Hostetter Married To? Why is Former La Habra Chief Arrested?

Alan Hostetter wife Kristine is a teacher. Lately the former La Habra police chief got arrested. Know his life and arrest details here.

Mr. Hostetter is a former La Habra Police chief and a yoga instructor based in the United States. He joined the yoga industry after he retired from the police department.

As of now, he has been actively participating in various political protests and rallies.

He, along with 4 others, are arrested and charged for their crime in regards to the January 6 Capitol Riot.

Who is Alan Hostetter Wife?

Alan Hosteter wife is Kristine Hostetter.

As per the source, she is a fourth-grade teacher.

Kristine has always supported her husband. And, she also supported him in all of his conspiracy theories.

She was also involved in the mask burning ceremony and violating the covid restrictions. 

Due to this reason, she was temporarily removed from her job.

Speaking of his family, not many details are revealed.

We are also not sure if the pair has any children.

Alan Hostetter Age 

Alan Hostetter age is 56 years currently.

Though his exact birth date is unavailable, his birth year must be 1965.

Also, in one of his interviews, he stated that he feels lucky to have grown up during the 1960s and 70s, away from all the chaotic technologies.

Is He On Wikipedia?

No, Alan Hostetter’s Wikipedia bio is undocumented.

Meanwhile, this article, on the other hand, sheds light on his biography.

La Habra Police Chief Arrested: Case Update

Alan Hostetter, a former La Habra Police Chief, was arrested for his participation in various political conspiracy theories.

On June 10, 2021, he has been charged for his role in the U.S. Capitol Breach, reported Yahoo News.

Moreover, he has also been involved in various other movements under the Three Percenters Movement.

He is also said to have organized a Stop the Steal Rallies along with other members.

His Salary

Mr. Hostetter’s salary is off the record.

However, we assume his earning were colossal from being a former police chief.

And, also now that he is a yoga instructor who also runs a YouTube channel, his life must be sustained and pleasant.

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