Alan Sugar Daughter Age, Husband, Is She Married?

Louise Jane Sugar: 10 Facts On Alan Sugar’s Daughter

Louise Jane Sugar: 10 Facts On Alan Sugar’s Daughter

Louise Jane Sugar is very famously recognized as Alan Sugar‘s daughter. Her father, Alan is a business magnate as well as a politician who once owned the London football team, Tottenham Hotspur from the year 1991 until the year 2001. He is often recognized as The Lord Sugar and is a very honorable citizen of the United Kingdom.

Name Louise Jane Sugar
Birthday 1974
Age 46 years
Gender Female
Nationality British
Parents Alan Sugar and Ann Simons
Siblings 2 brothers
Married/Single Married
Husband Mark Baron
Children Yes
Twitter @loujb25

Although her father is such a huge personality, there is very little information to know about her. Who is Louise Jane Sugar married to? It has been known that she is married to Mark Baron, according to Mirror. Currently, Louise Jane Sugar’s husband has been working for her father as his manager at Amsprop

10 Facts on Louise Jane Sugar:

  1. Louise Jane Sugar was born in the year 1974 which means that her current age is exactly 46 years.
  2. Since she was born to British parents, her nationality is also considered to be British.
  3. Talking about her siblings, Louise Jane Sugar shares a total number of two brothers.
  4. Moreover, she has a total number of two aunts – Shirley Sugar and Daphne Sugar. Also, she has an uncle named Derek Sugar
  5. Moving on to Louise Jane Sugar’s mother, her name is Ann Simons but not much is known about her apart from her being a former hairdresser.
  6. Furthermore, the name of her grandparents is Nathan Sugar and Fay Sugar
  7. Since not much is known about her profession, we are currently unknown regarding Louise Jane Sugar’s net worth in the year 2020.
  8. Along with all these, we are 100% sure that she is a great fan of the Premier League team, Tottenham Hotspur, popularly known as Spurs
  9. Speaking in regards to her social media accounts, we have only been able to fetch her Twitter account where she has managed to gain nearly 918 followers.
  10. Currently, we are unknown about Jane’s height, weight, and also her other body measurements. 

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