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What did Alba Party’s Alex Arthur MBE Say? Former Boxer Comments And Apology

What did Alba Party’s Alex Arthur MBE Say? Former Boxer Comments And Apology

Alex Arthur MBE is a former professional boxer. Know about his wife, and net worth as the Alba Party candidate gets mixed in controversy with Twitter comments. 

After a stellar career in boxing, Alex Arthur has decided to take his chances with Politics. On March 29, 2021, he declared his candidacy for the newest political party in Scotland, Alba Party. 

Safe to say, the former boxer’s political career took a backstab on the very first day as people found his tweets disturbing and controversial. 

The tweets are about his presumptions on “beggars,” gypsies, and AIDS patients. The party candidates were speedy to react to the comments. 

Alex Arthur MBE Wife: Who is he married to?

Alex Arthur MBE is married to his wife, Debbie. The couple is blessed with three children. 

The former boxer has been married to Debbie for a very long time. At the time of his retirement, he mentioned that he promised his wife that he wouldn’t do boxing after 35. 

Likewise, Alex doesn’t want his sons to be boxers either. He has three of them, Alex, Liston, and Machlan. 


Alex Arthur Net Worth and Earnings

Alex Arthur has a net worth of around $850,000 as per Net Worth Post. 

The primary source of his earnings is, of course, his boxing career. The Scottish boxer has a wonderful record of 31 wins out of 34 fights he fought. 

A person with a decent height, the Super featherweight boxer is also the former European Boxing champion, as per his Wikipedia bio. He retired at the age of 35. 

Alex Twitter comments: What did the Alba Party Candidate say?

The Alba Party candidate came into the infamous spotlight regarding his Twitter comments and tweets. 

Alex Arthur made controversial remarks on “Romanian Beggars,” which are quite disturbing. Likewise, his tweets have covered a few comments about Gypsies and AIDS patients as well. 

As a result, he apologized for his tweets on the next day of his announced candidacy.

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