Albums, Merch, Songs and Tour 2020

Nekrogoblikon Band Members: Albums, Merch, Songs and Tour 2020

Nekrogoblikon Band Members: Albums, Merch, Songs and Tour 2020

Nekrogoblikon is a leader in the modern metal music industry. The USA based band has a loyal following and has been rocking the melodic death metal scene since 2006. 

Like most death metal bands, their music is also based around mythology and fantasy. More specifically, their music is based on the lore surrounding goblins. Similarly, they have also had numerous changes to their ensemble since their inception in 2006.

Nekrogoblikon Band Members

The band has revamped every position within it except the singer Nicky Calonne. 

Here is a list of the current (2020) band members 

  • Nicky Calonne
  • Alex Alereza
  • Aaron Minich
  • Aaron Van Zutphen
  • Eric W. Brown
  • Joe Nelson
  • Tim Lyakhovetskiy (former)

Nicky Calonne

Calonne is a founding member of the band and the only one who has been with them since the band formed in 2006. 

He also goes by the name of Nicholas Calonne. He is the 6 feet 1 inch tall lead singer of the band who gives the screams and vocals of the band. 

Alex Alereza

Alex is the axe man and is famous for his driven melodic licks on the guitar. He also gives backing vocals in the band, on his official social media he uses the alias ‘Goblikon’. 

The alias is a direct reference to his nad and the name that they use. He lives in Los Angeles and also owns a business there called 1720. His company manages musical events especially underground metal and rock concerts. 

He joined the band way back in 2007. 

Aaron “Raptor” Minich

Another multitalented musician in the band is Aaron Minich also known as Raptor for his on-stage charisma. He joined the band in 2011 and plays the keyboards. 

In addition to this, he also gives backing vocals constantly and is a fixture in their live shows. 

Joe “Diamond” Nelson

Nelson first joined the band in 2013 but left in 2015. He plays the guitar and is mostly responsible for the lead licks. 

After leaving, he took on some solo work before rejoining them in 2018. 

Aaron “Zoot” VanZutphen

In 2015, Nekrogoblikon recruited VanZutphen to play the bass guitar. The bass is grounded n most of their songs and provides a solid backdrop for the rhythm. 

The death metal band also has some incredibly heavy vocals which also includes Aaron on backing vocals. 

Eric W. Brown

Brown is the drummer for the band and is known for the double bass technique. 

He is the youngest member of the band in terms of when they joined it, he became the drummer in 2016. 

Tim Lyakhovetskiy

Tim was also a co-founding member of the group, he stayed with them until 2013 when he quit due to personal reasons. Well, the reason could’ve ben an internal dispute between the members like in so many cases.

Lyakhovetskiy used to play the guitars and also come up with the drum sequencing while in the band. 

Nekrogoblikon’s Albums & Songs

The first album that the death metal group released was Goblin Island in 2007. The album established them as a death metal band based on the goblin myth. 

They would wait 4 years before releasing their next album Stench in 2011. Noth of their first 2 alums performed well within the underground scene but failed to break into the mainstream death metal charts. 

In 2013, their EP, Power was launched. It got decent ratings from critics and became one of their most popular works. 

Their most recent albums include Heavy Meta (2015) and Welcome to Bonkers (2018). 

Nekrogoblikon Merch

All of Nekrogoblikon’s merchandise features their mythical goblin related designs in some way, they have a huge collection that ranges from beach balls to summer shorts all featuring their band’s icon. 

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