Aleem Ford Age, Wikipedia Height And Salary 2019

How Old is Allem Ford? Age Revealed

How Old is Allem Ford? Age Revealed

Aleem Ford started playing basketball at a very young age. The Wisconsin Badgers player impresses the fans with his game and style.

Aleem Ford is a Basketball player who plays for the Wisconsin Badgers. Ford committed to the University of Wisconsin-Madison in April of 2016.

During his recruitment, Aleem was ranked 21st position in Florida, 320th nationwide, and 63rd small prospect. In the last season, Aleem played a huge role in Wisconsin Badgers’ success and multiple wins.

Aleem Ford Age And Height Details Explored

Aleem Ford’s age is 23 years.

Aleem celebrated his birthday on December 22, and he was born in the year 1997. Ford’s hometown is in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA, and his nationality is American. Ford’s ethnicity is African-American.

Aleem Ford’s height is 6 feet 8 inches or 2.03 meters, reports Wisconsin Badgers.

Ford’s weight is 98 kg or 217 lb.

Is Aleem Ford On Wikipedia?

Aleem Ford is not on Wikipedia.

One can read about Allem’s career and bio on a couple of Wiki-bio pages. The details about Ford’s career stats and recent games are present on

However, Aleem is active on Twitter under the username aleemty2. He has more than 4.3k active followers and 1.2k tweets. Ford joined the platform in January 2014 but was last active in December 2019.

Ford completed his high school at IMG Academy, where he played basketball.

Ford’s Salary

Aleem Ford has not disclosed the details of his salary to the media.

Aleem’s net worth details are private as well, but he must be earning a hefty sum of money given his playing skills.

Talking about his Instagram, Aleem Ford has a massive following on the platform.

Ford’s Instagram bio says, only you can be you. Aleem has 11.2k followers and 30 posts as of March 2021. His first post on Instagram was on August 29, 2019, where he uploaded a picture of his family.

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