Alex Afrasiabi Leaves Blizzard Reddit

Did Alex Afrasiabi Leave Blizzard? Everything To Know

Did Alex Afrasiabi Leave Blizzard? Everything To Know

Alex Afrasiabi leaves Blizzard Entertainment and is currently in the news over sexual harassment charges. Let’s learn more about the businessman.

Alex Afrasiabi is the former Senior Creative Director of World of Warcraft at Blizzard Entertainment. He secretly left the company in June 2021. 

He, as well as the company, is currently under the limelight as the State of California sued the company over constant sexual harassment. People have speculated if the leaving of Alex from the company has something to do with these allegations. 

Who is Alex Afrasiabi? Wikipedia And Age Explored

Alex Afrasiabi is a businessman widely known for being the Senior Creative Director of World of Warcraft at Blizzard Entertainment. He initially joined the company as an Associate Quest Designer on March 14, 2004, and eventually made his way into the Senior Creative DIrectvie position.

He is well known for being a part of the creative team in many significant quests like the Thunderfury quest chain, Bingles’s Missing Supplies, Mor’ladin and Dire Maul. 

Alex Afrasiabi biography cannot be found on Wikipedia, but his information can be found on other websites. 

The exact age of Alex Afrasiabi cannot be found on the internet. However, we can assume that he is in his 40s from the pictures. 

Why Is Alex Afrasiabi Trending On Reddit?

Alex Afrasiabi is currently trending on Reddit after the news about the suing of Blizzard Entertainment was made public. 

People on Reddit have been making arguments about the real reason behind Alex’s leave from the company. Many believe that he was involved in sexual harassment activities.

Apparently, he actively flirted with the female employees in plain sight of other male employees but was left unquestioned about his actions. 

Furthermore, the company has also been blamed for fostering a toxic environment and neglecting the obvious sexual connotations made by Alex.

Did Alex Leave Blizzard?

Yes, Alex Afrasiabi left Blizzard in June 2021.

The news about Alex’s leaving was kept under the wraps, probably due to the sexual harassment allegations against him.

We believe the reason behind Alex’s leave from the company is the possibly true allegations against him.

Alex Afrasiabi Net Worth

Since Alex Afrasiabi is a well-known businessman and has been in the Blizzard Entertainment company for quite some time, we can assume that he has made a decent net worth for himself.

However, the figures of his net worth or his salary are still unknown. We can safely assume that his net worth lies in millions.

Alex Afrasiabi Wife And Family

No information is made available about the wife and family of Alex Afrasiabi. 

We do not know if he was or is married and has children. We will make sure to update this space once any information about Alex is made available.

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