Alex Kenin Age, Wife, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Sofia Kenin’s Father

Alex Kenin: Facts on Sofia Kenin’s Father and Coach

Alex Kenin: Facts on Sofia Kenin’s Father and Coach

Alex Kenin is a former taxidriver turned tennis who has helped his daughter Sofia Kenin win the Grand Slam. He was a taxi driver in New York who did not even speak proper English, but now he is a Grand Slam-winning coach. 

While he has little to no knowledge about tennis he made his daughter one of the youngest but most quickly rising tennis stars in the world. She is only 21 years old but has received more than $6 million in prize money from tennis as of October 2020. 

Name Alex Kenin
Gender Male
Nationality Russian-American
Profession Tennis Coach
Net Worth $100,000 to $1 million
Married/Single Married
Husband Lena Kenin
Children Sofia Kenin

10 Facts About Alex Kenin

  1. Alex Kenin’s age and birthday have not been revealed to the public but some online estimates suggest he is in his late 50s as of October 2020. 
  2. He is married to Lena Kenin and has a daughter with her name Sofia Kenin with his wife.
  3. Both, he and his wife are originally from Russia (then the Soviet Union) who moved to the USA after their daughter was born. 
  4. When they first moved to the USA they were poor and did not have much money, Alex worked as a taxi driver in New York and she worked as a nurse when she could. 
  5. In 1987, when they first moved to New York, they had only a few hundred dollars. to their name. 
  6. Alex Kenin’s Wikipedia page doesn’t exist but he has been mentioned on his daughter’s Wikipedia page. You can read about Alex in this article. 
  7. Sofia Kenin’s father started coaching her with no prior experience in tennis.
  8. According to the Grand Slam winner, her father just picked it up from observing people around him. 
  9. Alex’s net worth has been estimated in the range of $100,000 to $1 million.
  10. His daughter is also worth more than $5 million according to some sources and has won more than $6 million prize money as of 2020. 

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