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Alexia Osborne

Alexia Osborne

Alexia Osborne is a very sweet looking actress and the reason for that is that she’s just 13 years old. Child acting is a very tricky business but there is a demand for child actors as there are demand fr people of other ages to star in movies. Osborne has acted in few movies until now and it’s been quite an adventurous journey for this young lady.

She has appeared on 3 movies according to her IMDB profile. She has a lot of time to star in other films as the years go by but for now, she’s doing a good enough job. Not a lot has been written about Alexia on the internet because she has been very secretive about her public persona. After all, she’s just a child and unburdened with those things. But, let me write some things about her life so that you can understand her deeply.

Name Alexia Osborne
Age 13
Gender Female
Height 4 ft 6 in
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actor
Married/Single Single
Children None

10 Facts On Alexia Osborne

  1. Alexia Osborne is 13 years old as of 2020 and is doing quite well for a girl her age.
  2. We have no idea when she celebrates her birthday and therefore, can’t inform you about her birth sign.
  3. Osborne stands at 4 feet 6 inches. There are conflicting details about her height on the Internet and that’s understandable as she is a teenager and her height is going to keep increasing.
  4. She is too young for relationships and love affairs now. So, it’s presumed that she’s single.
  5. The names of her parents are also not available on the internet.
  6. Osborne doesn’t have a Wikipedia site but there are few sites on the internet that has information about her.
  7. She is known for movies such as Doctors, Dark Shadows, and The Woman In Black.
  8. Alexia started working in TV commercials and then made her way into the movie business.
  9. She is too young to have her net worth reviewed right now.
  10. Osborne, apparently, doesn’t use Instagram.

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