Alexis Saborit Nationality And Ethnicity

Where Is Alexis Saborit from? His Background Explored

Where Is Alexis Saborit from? His Background Explored

What is Alexis Saborit nationality and ethnicity? His beheaded video has gone viral all over social media. Here is everything to know. 

Alexis Saborit has been arrested and found guilty of the second-degree murder of his own girlfriend, America Thayer. He has admitted to beheading his girlfriend after she tried to break up with him. 

Further, Thayer’s age was 56 years old at the time of her death. She is also a mother of a son, from her previous marriage. 

Many of America’s friends remembered her as a hardworking, kind, and warm woman. 

Who Is Alexis Saborit? 

Alexis Saborit is the partner of America Thayer and suscept of the horrific murder. His age is 42 years old and a resident of Shakopee, Minnesota, United States. 

He was arrested by the cops about one and a half miles away, at a hotel, he was staying. Saborit is held in custody at Scott County jail on second-degree murder charges. 

As per People, “Saborit has been previously convicted of multiple misdemeanor charges, including domestic assault in 2017.”

Moreover, the suspect and the victim had a pre-existing relationship and it wasn’t a random act of violence, as per the official statement. 

With the help of local residents, cops were able to find the weapon which was used to kill Thayer. The weapon was found near a garden at the intersection of Spencer Street and 4th Avenue by her dog. 

Alexis Saborit: Nationality And Ethnicity 

Alexis Saborit’s nationality and ethnicity remain anonymous. 

Further, America Thayer was a Cuban immigrant, who was an employee at My Pillow and the Dollar Tree. 

As he lived in Minnesota, this could explain Alexis might be holding American nationality, but we are not clearly sure about it.

Alexis Saborit: Reddit Beheaded Video Is Viral

Unfortunately, Alexis Saborit beheaded video which is said to went viral cannot be viewed nor watched on Reddit. 

To know more detail on the video, we gathered information that a bystander had taken a video of the incident and shared it on social media. 

Currently, the video has gone viral on Twitter. 

According to The Sun, police authorities said, “We have that video. It is deeply disturbing that the first instinct was to post that on social media.”

In the video, America was brutally dragged from her car and decapitated before her body was left on the pavement. 

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