Alfarena McGinty Marion Wikipedia Age, Husband And Family

Who Is Alfarena McGinty Marion? Everything To Know

Who Is Alfarena McGinty Marion? Everything To Know

Alfarena McGinty is the chief deputy coroner at the Marion County Coroner’s office.

Alfarena is currently working on the case of the FedEx facility open fire in Indianapolis that happened on April 16. A 19-year-old gunman took his own life after killing 8 people and leaving others severely wonded. 

The chief deputy coroner and her team have not been able to identify the shooting victims yet. The investigation process is undergoing.

Alfarena McGinty Wikipedia

No, Alfarena does not have a Wikipedia page dedicated to herself yet. She is not active on any social media platforms either.

However, she has been featured in many news articles. 

Recently, McGinty is on the news for working with the police department’s Victim Assistance and Chaplin Office to gather information about the tragic Indianapolis shooting. 

She and her team have not been able to identify the shooting victims even after 3 days of the attack. The Coroner’s spokeswoman said the process will take more time as the identification can only be done by family members, DNA, Fingerprints. None of the victims had their ID on the scene. 

Alfarena was also on news in April 2020 as Indianapolis became the hotspot for the Coronavirus outbreak. She prepared for the worst-case possible during the pandemic by adding colling units and facilitating proper funerals for COVID victims.

Her work during the pandemic was praised by many.

Her Age: How Old Is Alfarena McGinty?

There is no information on Ms. McGinty’s age and birthdate.

Judging from his photos, Alfarena seems to be in her 50s.

She has been working at the Marion County Coroner’s office for more than 23 years as of 2021.

Alfarena’s Husband And Family

Ms. McGinty has not disclosed any details on her husband and any other family members.

It is not known if she has any children.



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