‘All High Schools In The USA For TikTok’ Trend

Emilycarey03: All High Schools In The USA For TikTok Trend. Stay with the article to find out about the viral TikTok trend.

The “Eliminating all high schools in America” trend is going viral across TikTok. The trend was started by a TikTok user who goes by the username emilycarey03. People create many new trends on TikTok every day, and many of them go viral. As of lately, TikTok trends are getting very famous among people of all ages.

Emilycarey03: All High Schools In The USA For TikTok Trend Explained

All High Schools In The USA trend is going viral on TikTok.

The original video is uploaded in March 2021 by a TikTok user named Emily Carey. Part 1 of the challenge already has more than 2.7 million views, 549.4k likes, and 14k comments.


Part 1!!!! ##highschool ##elimination ##Coming2America ##VideoSnapChallenge

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In the elimination challenge, Emily eliminates the names of more than 24000 high schools across the USA by using a random number generator till only one high school is remaining.

How Does Tiktok Viral School Elimination Challenge Work?

Emily Carey uses a random number generator for the All High Schools Elimination Challenge.

Many people on the Internet helped Emily to collect the names of the high school. She used Wikipedia to get the names of all high schools in America. The names of high schools are listed and labeled by the states on the google sheets. 

The previous google sheet that Emily was using got hacked, so she had to make a new one. Carey answered some of the questions regarding the challenge on her other TikTok video.

Quick Facts:

Name Emily Carey
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Preschool Teacher
Education Wellesley College
Tiktok @emilycarey03

Who Is Emilycarey03 From TikTok?

Emily Carey is a preschool teacher based in America.

Carey graduated from Wellesley College. Emily Carey has more than 161.8k followers and 932.9k likes on her TikTok account.

Emily’s TikTok bio says most stereotypical cancer. Emily Carey has previously created similar trends where she eliminated the universities of America. Carey’s TikTok bio also gives out the Google docs file for the All High Schools in the USA.

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