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Allie Molner

Allie Molner

Allie Molner is a celebrity kid who got famous because of her famous father. Her father is John Molner who is a famous personality. If that wasn’t enough Allie’s step-mother is the famous journalist Katie Couric. Because of her parents, Alli became famous whether she liked it or not.

Molner is a very grounded girl as she has not caused a big stir in the industry because of some unethical things that some entitled celebrity kids tend to do. She is a very normal and pleasant girl. A noteworthy thing is, she inherited good genes from her parents which has made her really beautiful.

Name Allie Molner
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Parents John Molner, Jane Franke
Siblings Henry Molner
Education Yale University
Instagram @alliemolner
Twitter @AllieMolner

10 Facts On Allie Molner

  1. Allie Molner is a very young girl but we are unable to share the details of her birthday with you guys. She just hasn’t spoken about her age to the media.
  2. Molner is definitely under 25 years as she recently graduated from college. She looks very young.
  3. Allie has a radiant face and a beautiful smile/ She has her mother’s smile which is really sweet.
  4. Molner is not on Wikipedia which is why it’s harder to find details about her life such as her height. I guess she could be featured on the site soon.
  5. Her father is John Molner and her mother’s name is Jane Franke. It was a highlight of their life to raise Allie.
  6. Allie has a brother named Henry Molner. They were very close since childhood and still are very close. His brother is not that famous though.
  7. John divorced Jane and got married to Katie Couric. Couric also has been very sweet with Allie.
  8. We are unable to say if she has a boyfriend or not.
  9. We don’t know how much Allie’s net worth is. However, her father’s net worth is $20 million.
  10. Her account on Instagram is private and she has 1623 followers.

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