Amanda Payton Age Wikipedia, Height And Boyfriend

Amanda Payton – Details To Know On “Hacks” Cast Actress

Amanda Payton – Details To Know On “Hacks” Cast Actress

What is Amanda Payton age? You might want to know if she on Wikipedia. Here are all the details To Know On “Hacks” Cast Actress.

Amanda is a Hollywood movie and a TV personality who has a decent portfolio.

Who is Amanda Payton?

Amanda Payton is a phenomenal and gorgeous actress.

She has worked on multiple Hollywood projects, including Numb3ers (2005), Begineers (2010), and The Perfect Host (2010).

However, she has gotten quite a bit of fame from her recent work on the TV series Hacks.

How Old and Tall is Amanda?

Amanda Payton’s age is unknown as of now.

At least by the looks of it, she seems to be in her mid-20s.

As far as her physique goes, she has got a lean and fit body.

However, her exact height is yet to be updated on the internet. In terms of observation, she seems well of 5 feet 5 inches.

Is She on Wikipedia?

No, Amanda Payton is not yet on Wikipedia.

If you want to know her professional info, you can check her out on her IMDB page.

You can also follow her on Instagram @amanda__payton and on Twitter @Amanda__Payton to follow up on her day-to-day activities.

Is Amanda Single? Or Does She Have a Boyfriend?

Amanda appears to be single.

She has not revealed much of her private information on the internet.

As far as the data we have gathered, it is well under safe boundaries to assume that she is single.

She has been seen hanging out with few guys however, none of them seems to have matched the category of a potential partner.

What Is Her Salary?

Amanda Payton’s salary details are not known.

But, up to this point in 2021, she has amassed quite a sum off her acting career.

She is known to possess an estimated net worth of $9 Million, but the exact value is yet to get explored.

Currently, she is also working as a cast on the second season of Trial & Error, which airs on NBC.

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