Amir Asgharnejad Age, Height, Wikipedia, Instagram Bio

Amir Asgharnejad Age: 10 Facts You Should Know About

Amir Asgharnejad Age: 10 Facts You Should Know About

Amir Asgharnejad is a Norweigan actor. He is known for his work on Jul i Blodjell of 2017, Norsemen of 2016, and Aldri voksen of 2020. He has been in the entertainment industry since the year 2016. Previously also he might have done some acting works but they are not known.

Well, Amir is not a star or a very popular celebrity. However, he is definitely working on it. Even though he has done a few acting jobs, he has made himself recognized among numbers of people. Below is more information about him.

Name Amir Asgharnejad
Birthday October 25, 1985
Age 34
Gender Male
Nationality Norweigan
Profession Actor, Comedian
Net Worth N/A
Married/Single N/A
Education N/A

10 Facts about Amir Asgharnejad

  1. Amir Asgharnejad is 34 years old as of 2020. He was born in the year 1985. And his birthday is on the 25th day of October.
  2. He was born in Iran. But he holds the Norweigan nationality. The information about his ethnic background is not available.
  3. Amir Asgharnejad doesn’t have his own Wikipedia page. But you can find his IMDB profile. However, there is no much information available on his IMDB profile too.
  4. We have no idea who his parents are. Whoever they may be but definitely are very proud of their son Amir. There is also no information available Amir’s siblings and other family members.
  5.  Details regarding Amir’s weight, height, and other body measurements are not available.
  6. We also don’t have the information regarding his net worth and salary.
  7. Amir Asgharnejad seems very secret when it comes to sharing about his personal life. So, we have no idea about his marital status and girlfriend or wife.
  8. Until now, there is no Wikipedia page specially dedicated to him. He might have one in the future if he becomes more popular.
  9. In 2014, while trying to become hit by making a viral video, his actor ended up getting a bloody nose. However, the idea worked and video got many views.
  10. Amir’s social media pages could not be traced.

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